Santi Forest Monastery is a Buddhist community for monks, nuns, and laypeople. It’s located on 150 acres of eucalyptus forest, cliffs, waterfalls, and caves adjoining Morton National Park in the rugged landscape of Australia’s Southern Highlands, about halfway between Sydney and Canberra. It was established by Bhante Sujato, with his teacher Ajahn Brahm, the abbot of Bodhinyana Buddhist Monastery in Western Australia, as its first Spiritual Director. Santi Forest Monastery is owned by Santi Forest Monastery Incorporated, a not-for-profit charitable association.

The primary purpose of the monastery is to offer residential and educational facilities for Buddhist monastics who wish to train in the forest meditation tradition with the aspiration to realise enlightenment.

This site provides information on the teachings by Bhante Sujato and other members of Santi FM in Sydney, as well as events organized and sponsored by Santi FM.

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